Please note that the images and information shown here have an editorial status of May 2013. The images shown are only examples and do not necessarily reflect the actual or current state of the original vehicles.

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Tailor-made – for working in light distribution operations

The new Atego represents a new truck generation boasting a whole array of new features – all designed to make lighter work of distribution transport operations.

Dedication. Apart from lending the Atego a striking, distinctive appearance, the newly designed cabs come up trumps on the inside, too. To enable the Atego to be tailored more specifically to the particular type of work involved, it is available with three different cockpit variants which provide for a high standard of driving comfort and ergonomic quality in conjunction with the new instrument cluster, the new multifunction steering wheel and the comfortable seats. All the controls and stowage facilities are positioned for maximum convenience and enable simple handling inside the vehicle.

The many new operational strengths of the Atego also become immediately apparent as soon as the vehicle is set in motion. Highlights here include the new steering, the newly developed rear axle guide, the Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated gearshift system and the uprated, yet more fuel-efficient 4- and 6-cylinder in-line engines.

Mindful that distribution transport operations involve many different types of applications for vehicles, the new Atego also offers a level of body-mounting ability designed to cover virtually any need. This is ensured by a whole range of developments, including a new electrics and electronics concept and a highly diverse scope of factory-fitted pre-installations. All in all, this means that with the new Atego you are better prepared for daily operations in distribution transportation than ever before. And the Atego is designed to ensure that it stays that way.

Dedication | Cab

Convenient, low entrance.

The low entrance is typical of the way in which the new Atego accommodates operational needs: one or two steps*, doors that open particularly wide and grab handles on either side afford easy, safe and convenient access to the cab

* Availability dependent on gross vehicle weight

Tailored to operational needs for a more motivating and enjoyable working environment. The new Atego cabs

The cabs for the new Atego are designed through and through to meet operational needs in light distribution transport. With high-end ergonomics, a high standard of driving comfort and convenience and a wealth of practical details.

Cab variants. With a total of four cabs measuring 2295 mm in width, the new Atego offers excellent all-round visibility and straightforward, precise handling in all typical distribution transport operations up to 16 tonnes. From the convenient, low entrance to the three different cockpit variants, the new Atego has just what it takes to ensure an efficient and pleasant workplace.

Cockpit variants. The three different cockpit variants for the new Atego are also tailored closely to operational needs. The Atego comes with the classic cockpit as standard. Optionally, the Atego is available with the standard cockpit or the comfort cockpit.

Defining features of all three cockpit variants are the ergonomic arrangement of all the controls and practical stowage facilities. From the cup holders within the driver’s reach to the standard-fit power socket – everything is there to make lighter work of distribution transport operations. The new colour design, the pleasant feel of the interior materials and the high-quality workmanship are additional attributes which make driving and working with the Atego an even more pleasurable experience.

ClassicSpace S-cab.

Measuring 2295 mm in width and 1650 mm in length, the S cab ClassicSpace combines a comfortable workplace with a high level of visibility and full body length. Just the set-up to tackle narrow alleys and backyards with ease

ClassicSpace S-cab extended.

The newly designed ClassicSpace S-cab with the rear panel extended by 180 mm boasts compact exterior dimensions and creates plenty of space inside. The new interior design, the high-quality workmanship and a host of practical details and features provide a particularly high standard of ergonomics and driving comfort.

ClassicSpace L-cab

The L cab ClassicSpace is 2295 mm wide and 2250 mm long, with an interior height of 1510 mm. The L cab ClassicSpace is more spacious and offers more stowage space than the S cab. It comes with a comfort bunk measuring 2095 mm in length by 680 mm in width as standard, making it suitable for applications that last more than one day. Only the L cab BigSpace offers even greater comfort.

BigSpace L-cab.

2295 mm wide and with an interior height of 1910 mm, the L cab BigSpace is ideal for comfort-oriented use involving frequent overnight stays on board. The cab’s defining feature is its spaciousness, including a bottom bunk measuring 2095 mm in length by 680 mm in width as standard and plenty of stowage space under the comfort bunk and over the windscreen. A second, top bunk is optionally available. Numerous options are available for all of the Atego’s cabs, to adapt the working, driving and living comfort to your individual needs and wishes.

Classic cockpit.

The standard, classic cockpit of the new Atego is ideally designed for distribution transport operations. Everything is arranged ergonomically and within the driver’s reach. This means more space to relax during breaks and ensures more convenient through-cab access to the co-driver’s side. On Ategos with manual transmissions, the gearshift lever is now integrated in the dashboard

Comfort cockpit.

The optionally available comfort cockpit offers even more stowage facilities and storage space thanks to its extended stowage shelf below the instrument panel. The comfort cockpit is available for certain model and equipment configurations

Dedication | Equipment

Comfortable seats.

The seats are another crucial comfort feature in the driver’s workplace. In addition to the standard suspension seat, the comfort suspension seat and the climatised suspension seat are optionally available for the driver’s and the co-driver’s side. Apart from a broad choice of individual setting options and the armrests*, a defining feature of these seats is their simple, intuitive mode of operation.

* Only available in conjunction with automated gearshift system

At last: a reason to look forward to Monday morning

From the very first encounter and for countless trips to come, the new Atego's cabs show what makes for a truly desirable working environment. With exemplary ergonomics, high functionality and a host of practical details to make lighter work of a difficult job.

The Atego as a workplace. The workplace in the Atego boasts an ergonomic overall layout and stowage facilities and controls arranged in exemplary manner to create a relaxed work environment conducive to good concentration. Once seated, the driver will immediately notice the new instrument cluster with 10.4 cm TFT colour display, which offers fast and detailed information on all the vehicle’s functions, clearly legible on the anti-dazzle display. The new on-board computer with integrated departure check gets things up and running efficiently at the beginning of the working day. An instrument cluster with 12.7 cm TFT colour display, video function and pre-installation for a reversing camera* is optionally available. For added convenience, numerous vehicle functions can be controlled via the new multifunction steering wheel, which is optionally available in leather. The clothes rail which is fitted as standard on the cab’s rear panel and optional features such as the multifunction stowage facility which also serves as a table on the engine tunnel add a further touch of utility value.

New generation of bunks. The L cab ClassicSpace and the L cab BigSpace are fitted with the new bottom comfort bunk as standard. Measuring 2095 mm in length and 680 mm in width, this bunk features a comfortable seven-zone cold-foam mattress for excellent relaxation and comfortable sleeping. A top comfort bunk on a par with the bottom bunk is optionally available for the L cab BigSpace. This bunk offers a levelling function enabling swift adjustment when the vehicle is parked on an uneven surface, to ensure a comfortable lying position.

* A reversing camera is available from Mercedes-Benz Accessories

Multifunction steering wheel.

The standard-fit multifunction steering wheel makes light work of various functions: apart from the radio and telephone, the cruise control can now also be operated via the steering wheel. Many other vehicle functions and diverse settings can also be controlled in the new instrument cluster

12.7 cm TFT colour display.

The new Atego is optionally available with an instrument cluster incorporating a 12.7 cm TFT colour display and video function. The images from an optionally* available reversing camera can be viewed on this display, for enhanced safety during manoeuvring, for example

* A reversing camera is available from Mercedes-Benz Accessories

New radios.

For good entertainment the Atego can be fitted with a radio, a CD radio, a CD radio with Bluetooth connection or the CD radio Comfort with Bluetooth. All radios are provided with a USB interface and an Aux/In interface for connecting external devices

Multimedia communications.

A universal pre-installation is optionally available for the simple integration of mobile phones, MP3 players and commercially available navigation systems, for example

Multifunction stowage facility.

The multifunction stowage facility which is optionally available for the engine tunnel does full justice to its name. Along with various stowage options, the facility also incorporates a practical and straightforward table function that proves its worth both during transport operations and in breaks from work

Manual transmission.

The Atego is fitted with a manual transmission featuring power-assisted gear shifting as standard. The benefits of this manual transmission include excellent ergonomics and highly precise shifting, while only minimal effort is required by the driver to change gear

Dedication | Engines, transmissions

6-cylinder engines.

The Atego’s new 6-cylinder in-line engines combine high output and high torque with low fuel consumption. A further advantage that pays in distribution transport is their high level of reliability

Your trusty partner for a working lifetime

New 4- and 6-cylinder engines which generate more power on less fuel.

High-torque Euro VI engines. Powerful, reliable, economical – with the new, high-torque 4- and 6-cylinder in-line engines, the new Atego is ideally equipped for light distribution transport operations. The 4-cylinder engines with a displacement of 5.1 l generate up to 170 kW of power and maximum torque of 900 Nm. The 7.7-litre 6-cylinder engines offer an output of up to 220 kW and 1200 Nm of torque.

The standard-fit Euro VI engines operate at an injection pressure of up to 2400 bar. This helps them to generate the necessary power instantaneously – in perfect sync with the movements of your foot on the accelerator pedal. Additional benefits offered by the new engines include spontaneous response and very smooth running. The new engine brake* with up to 235 kW of braking power also provides for a high standard of safety. A high-performance engine braking system offering up to 300 kW of braking power is optionally available. A further option is the fuel preheating system to ensure that everything continues to run absolutely smoothly even at extremely low temperatures.

* Standard for permissible gross vehicle weight of 9 t and over

Shifting gear the easy way.

The new Atego is optionally fitted with a manual transmission featuring power-assisted gear shifting, which is operated via the shift lever in the instrument panel. The benefits of this option include excellent ergonomics, highly precise shifting and minimal shifting effort.

For particularly smooth gear changing and excellent driving comfort, the Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated gearshift system is standard. Mercedes PowerShift 3 boasts a precision gearshift sensor system and an intelligent shift strategy which provides for gear selection tailored precisely to the given driving and load situation. It also enables particularly swift gear-changing, with substantially shorter shift times than the Telligent® automatic gearshift system.

The Atego comes with the economy driving programme as standard; the power driving programme is optionally available. The driving programmes incorporate different driving modes and auxiliary functions to enable a fuel-efficient driving style in keeping with the given driving situation. EcoRoll mode in the economy driving programme helps to reduce fuel consumption, for example. Various auxiliary functions make even easier work of distribution transport with Mercedes PowerShift 3. The standard crawl function is a boon when moving off on slopes, for example. And direct shifting from 1 to R makes manoeuvring simpler.


The Atego is available with a choice of 6-, 8- or 9-speed transmission, enabling the vehicle to be tailored particularly effectively to its intended field of deployment. In conjunction with the perfectly matched drive axles and the broad choice of gear ratio variants, the new Atego offers a highly responsive, high-torque, economical drive for every type of task encountered in distribution transportation. And this ultimately makes driving the vehicle a more comfortable and pleasurable experience.

Reduced displacement, increased performance.

With an output of up to 170 kW and maximum torque of 900 Nm, the Atego's new 4-cylinder in-line engines boast performance data which have been the reserve of 6-cylinder engines to date.

More power, more torque.

With an output of up to 220 kW and maximum torque of 1200 Nm, the new 6-cylinder in-line engines provide just the power you need for your building materials transport operations.

Dedication | Driving comfort, body-mounting ability

The new Atego – the ultimate smooth operator on the distribution rounds

The new Atego has a whole range of practical advantages in store – more efficient working with the vehicle, markedly improved handling and enhanced body-mounting ability, for example. Ideally, you should put the literature aside and try the vehicle out for yourself. Then you’ll know just what we mean. And just what a treat the Atego is to work with.

Driving comfort. From the standard-fit ESP Electronic Stability Program to the new 4-point cab suspension which also features as standard to reduce pitching and rolling movements of the cab, the new Atego offers markedly improved handling and a yet more self-assured feeling behind the wheel. The new steering, the new rear axle guide and the suspension variants tailored to different types of application are also instrumental to this improved standard of driving comfort. The new steering gear provides for substantially enhanced steering precision, improved straight-line stability and high directional stability during braking, for example. The new rear axle guide* provides for reduced roll understeer. This has been made possible on Ategos with steel suspension by optimum positioning of the pivot points on the rear springs, and on air-sprung Ategos by optimising the pivot point on the parabolic control arm. The upshot is an excellent standard of handling which will delight you from your very first trip in the new Atego.

Enhanced body-mounting ability, improved handling. The new Atego supports you more effectively than ever in your daily distribution tasks. The body-mounting ability has been further enhanced by the introduction of the parameterisable special module, for example, which simplifies the connection, integration and subsequent operation of mounted bodies. A whole range of measures, from the optimised positioning of all components on the frame to a wealth of factory-fitted pre-installations, additionally helps to ensure that the Atego is back in your hands and back in operation more quickly.

The new Atego additionally features an electrics and electronics concept which provides you with a wealth of practical and comfort-enhancing functions as standard. The extended scope of features includes convenient brief turn signals, for example, a warning tone for parking brake and lights, cruise control operation using the buttons on the multifunction steering wheel and “follow me home” lights. In short, a host of functions to make handling simpler and work more pleasant.

* For 10.5 t and 12 t with low frame as well as for all Ategos with steel suspension

More precise steering.

The Atego’s new steering provides for simple, exact handling during manoeuvring and for reliable straight-line stability and high directional stability at high speeds. A further advantage of the new steering is enhanced steering precision, requiring less corrective action on the part of the driver

Rear axle guide.

For superior handling, air-sprung Ategos up to 10.5 t and 12 t with low frame as well as all Ategos with steel suspension are fitted with the new rear axle guide, featuring optimum positioning of the pivot points on the rear spring (steel suspension) and on the parabolic control arm (air suspension) to reduce roll understeer

Suspension variants.

The new Atego is fitted as standard with weight-optimised single- or multi-leaf parabolic springs. For enhanced ride and suspension comfort a combination of steel and air suspension is available. Full air suspension is possible for Ategos with a permissible gross vehicle weight of 12 t and over

Parameterisable Special Module (PSM).

The parameterisable special module enables the tailor-made programming of complex bodies and power take-offs. It also provides for perfect data processing and the exchange of information between vehicle and body